SuperTea Yin

  • Sapiens SuperTea Yin is a blend of real tea and superfoods. Designed for the primary function of non-stimulant fat burning and to aid rest and recovery. Made with natural ingredients that can metabolise fat, along with natural ingredients that are traditionally used as a sleep aid and to provide a relaxing sensation. Some of these ingredients may also have anti-inflammatory properties which may support your recovery.

  • How to take SuperTea Yin

    SuperTea Yin is dosed in convenient single serve easy tear sachets – simply tear open a sachet, empty into a glass or bottle of cold or hot water, mix or stir, and it’s ready to go!


    When to take SuperTea Yin

    SuperTea Yin can be taken any time of day.

Why Take SuperTea Yin?

Natural Fat Burning Ingredients

Non-stimulant fat burning compounds to aid weight management

Natural Relaxants

Exceptional natural herbal remedies

Natural Sleep Aid

Formulated with natural ingredients proven to aid quality of sleep

Superfood Hit

Contains superfoods from the Sapiens Supreme Tea Blend

Aid Digestion

Formulated with enzymes from natural fruits, vegetables, and sea plants


Detoxify your body with powerful natural antioxidants


is native to warmer regions in north and south America, however it is now cultivated around the world. Traditionally it was used for its therapeutic benefits. It is commonly used as an herbal sedative, stress reliever and sleep aid.


is considered to be one of the most versatile medicinal herbs known to mankind. Dried chamomile flowers are known to provide a have a widespread spectrum of health implications, which includes providing a calming sensation.

Lemon Balm

is a natural herbal remedy that is traditionally consumed to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and in general promote longevity. Its benefits are now widely studied and proven to be an effective natural remedy.


a plant native to many parts of Europe. Typically used in the beer brewing industry, however hops also offer a number of health benefits. Known for its ability to provide a relaxing sensation and improving sleep quality.

African Mango

is a fruit that is native to west Africa from the tree Irvingia Gabonensis. The fruit of this tree resembles a mango (hence the name). African Mango has been proven to assist in fat burning, and also provide many other health benefits.



is known for more than just a distinct sweet spice, but it is also used for its medicinal properties such as anti-inflammation. It is still used daily in many cultures for its’ many health benefits.


Natural Enzymes

from natural fruits and vegetables, and sea plants. These naturally occurring digestive enzymes assist in improving digestive function and gut health.

Vitamin C

A great antioxidant to aid in decreasing free radicals in your body.


A great natural dietary fibre to aid gut health.

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