Copy of About Sapiens

Eat wise, live wise

The team at ‘Sapiens’ were brought together by their shared passion of living a healthy lifestyle. Together they have expert experience in human health, nutrition science, and health product manufacturing. By combining this, they formed Sapiens. Their drive is to represent more than just a range of health products, but to also promote overall health that encompasses both physical metal aspects, and how this ultimately benefits all aspects of the modern-day lifestyle.

We all live in extremely busy times whereby what we eat is often the last thing on our minds. Finding healthy, affordable food has become a top priority for many modern professionals. We believe changing what people eat is the first stepping stone for many people. With a sound knowledge in personal health and wellness, we have a long-term goal to achieve a holistic approach to influence our customers so they can live a better, longer, healthier life.

Sapiens strives to be New Zealand’s healthy food brand which provides affordable, convenient nutrition support to its local and worldwide customers.