SuperPlant Protein [Best Before 30 Jun 2022]

  • Sapiens SuperPlant Protein is a 100% natural and plant product. A fantastic complete source of protein from the Sapiens Plant Protein Blend. Also get your superfood fix from the Sapiens Supreme Superfood Blend which consist of a huge blend of 52 superfoods. On top of this we have also formulated this product to include 10 natural enzymes. Making Super Plant Protein a versatile protein drink.

  • How to take SuperPlant Protein

    Mix one scoop of SuperPlant Protein into water or almond milk. Mix or stir until the powder is fully dissolved and drink away!


    When to take SuperPlant Protein

    SuperPlant Protein can be taken anytime, in your breakfast smoothie, post workout shake, or just on its own during your day.

100 Natural and Plant Derived

Free from any artificially made ingredients, such as artificial flavours and sweeteners. Made with only the good stuff from plant derived ingredients, making it lactose free and vegan friendly. 

Sapiens Plant Protein Blend

Protein is the building block of life, and is vital to help regulate and maintain body function. Sapiens Plant Protein Blend delivers over 20g of protein from Pea, Brown Rice, and Oat Protein. with a complete profile of EAAs that aid protein synthesis. 

Superfood Hit

Formulated with a comprehensive spectrum of 52 superfoods from Fruits, Grains, Greens, Herbs, Nuts and Seeds to support your nutritional intake and daily well-being.

Tummy Friendly

Being dairy free, Super Plant Protein provides a high serving of protein without upsetting your stomach that is associated with many other protein supplements available. We have also included 10 types of natural enzymes to aid your digestion.

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